Super Junior M - 我的二分之一 Happiness [English subs + Pinyin + Chinese]

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Super Junior M+我的二分之一 Happiness English subs + Pinyin + Chinese

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You can skip the first paragraph, but PLEASE read the rest!!!

Did you guys miss me? :P What? No?! Oh.. that's okay.. I missed you guys! :P Sorry for my unannounced 3 month long+ absence... After my first channel suddenly got terminated, I got really depressed and almost gave up on subbing... And then I was really busy with applying for universities/colleges and just school in general... And I had some personal issues... and-- well, I could go on for ages, but that's not what matters now!

I'm back! If you are not subscribed to both of my channels, please do so! Lilpinkfrogtpc1 and Lilpinkfrog2. Voting is still open for which song you want me to sub next; I know I haven't been very timely, but I promise I will work on it, so go to my channel page and submit a suggestion or vote on existing ones!

Also, do you guys want me to reupload my videos? I reuploaded a couple on Lilpinkfrogtpc, but there are 50+ more videos that were deleted when my first channel was terminated :(. I still have them saved on my computer though, so if you want me to, I'd be more than happy to reupload them for you guys.

I was also thinking... even though there are plenty of (super easy) ways to download Youtube videos, would you like download links? I originally thought it wouldn't be worth the trouble since downloading with other methods can be so easy (check out my FAQs on my channel if you don't know any!), but if you really want them, I'll provide them for you!

Leave your opinions on my channel page please! I really want to hear your opinions!

Had to upload this like 5 times because of timing issues/typos..frustrating -.-


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